Neuropsychological testing is a series of tests given by a clinical neuropsychologist that help to clarify a diagnosis when a patient is having cognitive issues such as memory difficulty. Testing typically takes 2-4 hours and is done at our office. Background patient information, medical history, and medications will be reviewed.

The patient is typically asked to bring a good friend or family member with them to the testing in order to help provide an alternative point of view and objective information about the patient’s past and recent progression of symptoms. This good friend or family member is typically asked to stay for 20-30 minutes prior to the start of testing. The testing is completed with the psychologist and patient only.

The patient should have a good meal prior to coming in for the test and should bring some favorite snack and drinks to the test. The final report is completed usually in 2-4 weeks. The report with recommendations will be reviewed with the patient and care-giver at the patient’s follow up appointment.